History of a modern classic Speedstar!

The history of the new Crest Craft 25 itself is short, but the idea behind it goes back for more than 30 years! The man behind Crest Craft, dutchman Bert van Doggenaar, was as a young men inspired by those fast wooden boats on Italian lakes. Roaring engines, loads of white water, the shape, the speed, the life-style. Being a self-made man, Bert van Doggenaar was at once able to afford such a craft. But instead of buying one, he decided to have an original mahogany speedboat constructed in Canada. He designed the craft himself, and with succes! The new Crest Craft 25 is an excellent modern classic speedstar. 'This is only the first of many to come', says Bert van Doggenaar, 'We are setting up a factory to produce classic mahogany speedboats for the European market'.

Being inspired for years, Bert van Doggenaar now designed and build the all new Crest Craft 25.
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