Crest Craft, a boat for life!

This classic speedboat has all you can expect of todays modern speedboats, except the plastic look and feel. In fact its characteristics are so well in balance that its preformance is outstanding. Full control at a topspeed of 50 mph, and luxurious enough to compete with any 5 star hotel lounge.

Every Crest Craft is build according to the future owners wishes, but here follow the the technical specifications of the new Crest Craft 25:

Overall length: 750 cm
Beam: 245 cm
Depth: 70 cm
Dry weight: 1400 kg
Engine power: 330 S.A.E. hp.
Fuel capacity: 80 liters
Options: Radio-CD player, refridgerator, mini-bar.

Full control at a top speed of 50 mph.

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